Tout savoir sur les banques partenaires de Global Alliance et BNP Paribas Global Network pour retirer gratuitement de l'argent aux distributeurs à l'étranger.
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Global Alliance et BNP Paribas Global Network : vos retraits gratuits à l'étranger

Global Alliance and BNP Paribas Global Network: free withdrawals abroad

Free withdrawals abroad with the Global Alliance and the BNP Paribas Global Network, the global network of the BNP Paribas Group

  • Thanks to the Global Alliance agreement, entered into by several major international banks including BNP Paribas, you can use your card to make free withdrawals from their network of ATMs abroad.

  • With BNP Paribas Global Network, the entire BNP Paribas Group is at your service, providing you with free withdrawals from the ATMs of its subsidiaries abroad.

  • That's over 50,000 ATMs in over 50 countries offering this service with your BNP Paribas card.

Plus, when you go abroad, make sure you withdraw money from an ATM of one of the banks belonging to the Global Alliance or BNP Paribas Global Network. That way you won't pay a withdrawal fee.

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List of participating banks

Click on the name of the bank to use the ATM search engine.

Bank of America

Over 18,000 ATMs throughout the United States

Over 3,000 ATMs around the UK, over 6,000 in South Africa, 190 in Africa, plus 3,800 Woolwich ATMs.
Deutsche Bank

Over 2,500 ATMs in the countries covered.

Over 2,700 ATMs in Canada, 350 in the Caribbean, 115 in Chile, 11 in Guyana and over 1,000 in Mexico

Over 1,600 ATMs in Australia, 500 in New Zealand and 32 in the South Pacific

BNP Paribas Global Network

4,000 ATMs in Belgium

2,000 ATMs in Italy

400 ATMs in Morocco

1,000 ATMs in Turkey

Ukrsibbank 1,600 ATMs in Ukraine
BNP Paribas DOM

Guadeloupe : BNP Paribas Guadeloupe (36 ATMs)
Guyane : BNP Paribas Guyane (16 ATMs)
Martinique : BNP Paribas Martinique (35 ATMs)
Réunion : BNP Paribas Réunion (28 ATMs)

Detailed list of countries covered by the Global Alliance agreement

  • Bank of America : United States
  • Barclays : United Kingdom, Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe), Mauritius
  • BNL : Italy
  • Deutsche Bank : Germany (including Berliner Bank and Norisbank ATMs), Italy, Poland, India.
  • Fortis : Belgium.
  • Scotiabank : Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Guyana, the Caribbean (Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Saint Christopher, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin (Dutch side), Saint Vincent, Trinity and Tobago, Turk and Caicos Islands, US Virgin Islands).
  • Westpac : Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.
  • Ukrsibbank (a subsidiary of BNP Paribas): Ukraine.

Detailed list of countries covered by the BNP Paribas Global Network agreement

  • Belgium : Fortis
  • Italy : BNL
  • Morroco : BMCI
  • Turkey : TEB
  • Ukraine : Ukrsibank
  • Guadeloupe : BNP Paribas Guadeloupe
  • French Guiana : BNP Paribas Guyane
  • Martinique : BNP Paribas Martinique
  • Réunion : BNP Paribas Réunion